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Brief & Trunks– I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it

MADS are addictive.  My favorite one at the moment is “Convenience Store”, which is old, so it has a ton of videos.  I’m not so enamored with the MADs, though, as I am with the song itself, which is by the Japanese duo Brief & Trunks.

I mean, holy shit.  It’s like Souichi Negishi came to life and grew a sense of humor.    The song’s catchy, jangly, and super cute, but also funny because it’s true– sometimes there is nothing better to do than go to the convenience store.   And goddamn do I hate it when cashiers do that with my change.   The video itself is hilarious as well.  Add in two skinny guys in button down shirts and  bowl cuts prancing around and playing leapfrog, and I’m sold.

Here’s another song by them, “Aonori (Green Seaweed), about those little turn-offs that can break a date.   But that’s it for the subbed videos, and there’s no information about Brief and Trunks in English whatsoever.  I had to find out more by searching their Japanese name combined with Google translate.    Turns out their entire philosophy is writing about everyday life “within a five meter radius”, which makes sense.  They’re listed as a folk band (?), and they broke up in 2001.  Translation there was nonsensical, but I’m guessing creative differences between the two.   So where am I going to find  adorable everyday-life songs now?

Well, I couldn’t find out much else about the other singer (according to Google Translate, his name is Makoto Fineroots, haha), but the main vocalist, Taga Hiroshi Ito,  is still active.  He has host hair now, but still plays the same sort of music,  same high-pitched nasal voice and themes and everything.    If only I could understand what he was saying.