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Brief & Trunks– I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it

MADS are addictive.  My favorite one at the moment is “Convenience Store”, which is old, so it has a ton of videos.  I’m not so enamored with the MADs, though, as I am with the song itself, which is by the Japanese duo Brief & Trunks.

I mean, holy shit.  It’s like Souichi Negishi came to life and grew a sense of humor.    The song’s catchy, jangly, and super cute, but also funny because it’s true– sometimes there is nothing better to do than go to the convenience store.   And goddamn do I hate it when cashiers do that with my change.   The video itself is hilarious as well.  Add in two skinny guys in button down shirts and  bowl cuts prancing around and playing leapfrog, and I’m sold.

Here’s another song by them, “Aonori (Green Seaweed), about those little turn-offs that can break a date.   But that’s it for the subbed videos, and there’s no information about Brief and Trunks in English whatsoever.  I had to find out more by searching their Japanese name combined with Google translate.    Turns out their entire philosophy is writing about everyday life “within a five meter radius”, which makes sense.  They’re listed as a folk band (?), and they broke up in 2001.  Translation there was nonsensical, but I’m guessing creative differences between the two.   So where am I going to find  adorable everyday-life songs now?

Well, I couldn’t find out much else about the other singer (according to Google Translate, his name is Makoto Fineroots, haha), but the main vocalist, Taga Hiroshi Ito,  is still active.  He has host hair now, but still plays the same sort of music,  same high-pitched nasal voice and themes and everything.    If only I could understand what he was saying.


The next big thing in Asian boy bands?

About yesterday,  the world was graciously presented with the creation of Naked Boyz, a 44-member, company proclaimed “male AKB48”. .. I’ll let the name sink in for a bit.   Being the boy band enthusiast that I am (and by enthusiast I mean I watch the PVs with catchy upbeat songs), I was elated to hear of this.    But a male AKB48?  Did that mean it was going to be filled with jailbaity-looking boys running around in school boy outfits and swim trunks?

Comparison of random Naked Boyz and AKB48 members

Well, no.    Surprisingly enough, most members are in their twenties, with some even in their thirties, (most AKB48 members are in their teens), and have a lot of variation in their looks (there’s even a mixed guy in there!).   This is pretty interesting– boy bands usually start with most members in their teens, and they all look like either this:

or this:

So just what is going on here?   Turns out, these guys actually already have entertainment credentials.  I can’t understand everything  that’s there,  but I see NHK programs pop up in a lot of profiles, and ANN lists a sizable amount of dramas.  This is pretty interesting because while there is a lot of cross-pollination with boy bands and Korean/Japanese dramas,  it’s always the boy band first, then the foray into acting.

So what are they trying to do here?  Is this going to be an honest-to-god boy band, or is it just some publicity stunt?   It’s impossible to tell at this stage, but here’s to hoping for a genuine 44-member boy band!



What’s that?  Substance?  Well…

Alright, I admit, the only thing wrong at the moment is my dangerous laziness.  I have been a Very Bad Student lately, which I suspect is a result of playing video games again (Avalon Code is NOT a good game to pick up when you want something casual), getting sick, and simply failing get things done.   Flitting between avoiding school work, hanging out, and sleeping isn’t exactly a bad thing, but I’m pretty sure I’m failing algebra and biology.  And that’s, uh, no bueno.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been obsessed with as of late:

Yeah, I know. I know.

Twitter –  Shit’s addicting, yo.  I know some of you are thinking “omgretarded only 160 characters useless stalking,” and and it’s true, to some extent.  Not every little thought you have deserves to go down for posterity, but sometimes you just have to let those little nagging thoughts out.  With the 160 character limit, you have to think about what you’re going to say, so it can be expressed as effectively and concisely as possible.  That’s a great thing!  Though,  what Twitter is mostly helpful for is keeping up with bloggers and personalities.   There’s something almost beautiful in getting into the mundane thoughts of people you admire, or at the very least, are entertained by.

…Yeah, I really just like e-stalking people.

Related obsession– Facebook Mobile

I had no idea you could get notifications, post statuses, and reply to people through texts.   Not actually having to be on Facebook to be on Facebook  makes it a makes it awesomer, and I don’t know why.  It’s something to do while bored in school or at a really boring event without the hoopla of those crappy mini browsers,  and I love it.  So Beardians, if you’re bored during the day just hit me up on Facebook!  (Please.)

I only bought this game because of the date sim aspect, actually...

Avalon Code– THIS GAME WAS MADE FOR KIDS LIKE ME.  You know, the kids who love video games and almost everything about them, but aren’t actually good at them so they only play RPGs and visual/adventure novels (or maybe that’s just me?…).   Anyway, there’s so much I love about this game.   Epic story,  interesting Zelda-esque combat system with RPG elements, GxB DATE SIM PARTS,  a little encyclopedia of every little detail in the game…the only thing that really bothers me about this game is what makes it so unique in the first place,  the Book of Prophecy.  It allows the player to customize the nature of almost EVERYTHING in the world, and it’s pretty in-depth, but  the interface for it is just too clunky.  Flipping through pages when you’re supposed to be having an awesome battle is just annoying (and was why I actually gave up on the game a couple of months ago).  Still, I love this game.  I’ve a ways to go before I finish it, but I don’t mind at all.


America’s Best Dance Crew– Shows like this just fly over my head, and I usually don’t notice, nor care.   I would have never seen this if I wasn’t at a friend’s house, aimlessly channel flipping.  People in bright, gaudy clothes, distorting their bodies in time to crass pop songs always catch the eye, so we ended up watching this.  I was entranced.  I can’t dance, nor do I know anything about dance,  but the skill and passion these dancers have is mesmerizing.  And isn’t that what entertainment is all about?  Getting caught up in a different reality?

These guys are my favorites of season so far.  They’re not the best technically, but their routines never fail to make me laugh.  The fact that they are a bunch of dancing Asian dudes pretending to be robots also helps.   Which brings me to my last obsession…

The boys of DBSK just happened to be standing around shirtless.

Korean boy bands (mostly just DBSK)– Good god.  The Koreans are masters at creating boy bands.  They know EXACTLY what girls want, and they will give it to them in excess.



I honestly can’t think of much to say on this because I really can’t think about it rationally.  I KNOW this is assembly-line music at its most blatant and pandering.  But then I WATCH them, and I’m too busy drooling to give a flying shit.  (Incidentally,  I’m totally cool with the objectification of women as long as we’ve got men to objectify ourselves. )

Well that was a lot longer than I expected it to be…how was YOUR week?

[BBC] Songs That Make Me Happy

I’m going to define happiness as a  fun, mindless feeling.  Because who can be happy if they’re thinking all of the time?

5. Lollipop (Candyman)- Aqua

This song is like your childhood threw up all over a bunch of ravers.  And that’s awesome.  I kind of don’t know what this song is about, candy or sex or something?  Nor do I really care.  I could honestly listen to Aqua all day.  (Really gay unknown fact:  I started liking this sort of music after seeing so many Ouran AMVs set it.)

4. Strange Disease- Prozzak

I love Prozzak.  What’s not to love about a bunch of really, really catchy songs about being broken up with (maybe I should rephrase that better)?  Granted, now that I’m not eight, it’s obvious that almost all of their songs sound the same and the animation for their videos really sucks, but again, I don’t care.  This song is bouncy and fun and I can put it on repeat and not get bored.  (Also, Simon is cute.)

3. La-Di Da-Di- Mindless Self Indulgence

I REALLY REALLY LIKE MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE OK, STOP LAUGHING.  They never fail at being entertaining,  dammit!   Anyway, this is a cover of a classic rap song, which immediately elevates it above standard MSI fare.  You can tell Jimmy had lot of fun with this one,  there’s so much energy in it it’s almost cartoony.  I’d kill to see this song animated.

2. Friday I’m In Love- The Cure

When The Cure makes  happy pop songs, they do it well.  It’s a song about Friday and being in love for god’s sake!  That makes everyone happy!  That aside,  this song never fails to make me feel mellow and complacent.   It’s not as catchy as Let’s Go To Bed or something like that, but I think that’s why I like it more.  It’s got just the right amount of happy and angst.  (Also, that video man.  I totally want to hang out with those guys.)

1. Twilight- Electric Light Orchestra

This isn’t exactly a happy song, but I always feel better after I listen to it.  I’m not going to lie, part of the reason is because of the Daicon IV animation, which had a profound effect on me, but just listen to it.  The synths and vocals just fucking elevate you.   Then pair it with the transience and sort of ethereal subject of the lyrics,  and you’ve got something that really hits home.  I wish I could listen to more music like this (still haven’t found the album this is from), but I honestly don’t know where to start.