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What’s that?  Substance?  Well…

Alright, I admit, the only thing wrong at the moment is my dangerous laziness.  I have been a Very Bad Student lately, which I suspect is a result of playing video games again (Avalon Code is NOT a good game to pick up when you want something casual), getting sick, and simply failing get things done.   Flitting between avoiding school work, hanging out, and sleeping isn’t exactly a bad thing, but I’m pretty sure I’m failing algebra and biology.  And that’s, uh, no bueno.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been obsessed with as of late:

Yeah, I know. I know.

Twitter –  Shit’s addicting, yo.  I know some of you are thinking “omgretarded only 160 characters useless stalking,” and and it’s true, to some extent.  Not every little thought you have deserves to go down for posterity, but sometimes you just have to let those little nagging thoughts out.  With the 160 character limit, you have to think about what you’re going to say, so it can be expressed as effectively and concisely as possible.  That’s a great thing!  Though,  what Twitter is mostly helpful for is keeping up with bloggers and personalities.   There’s something almost beautiful in getting into the mundane thoughts of people you admire, or at the very least, are entertained by.

…Yeah, I really just like e-stalking people.

Related obsession– Facebook Mobile

I had no idea you could get notifications, post statuses, and reply to people through texts.   Not actually having to be on Facebook to be on Facebook  makes it a makes it awesomer, and I don’t know why.  It’s something to do while bored in school or at a really boring event without the hoopla of those crappy mini browsers,  and I love it.  So Beardians, if you’re bored during the day just hit me up on Facebook!  (Please.)

I only bought this game because of the date sim aspect, actually...

Avalon Code– THIS GAME WAS MADE FOR KIDS LIKE ME.  You know, the kids who love video games and almost everything about them, but aren’t actually good at them so they only play RPGs and visual/adventure novels (or maybe that’s just me?…).   Anyway, there’s so much I love about this game.   Epic story,  interesting Zelda-esque combat system with RPG elements, GxB DATE SIM PARTS,  a little encyclopedia of every little detail in the game…the only thing that really bothers me about this game is what makes it so unique in the first place,  the Book of Prophecy.  It allows the player to customize the nature of almost EVERYTHING in the world, and it’s pretty in-depth, but  the interface for it is just too clunky.  Flipping through pages when you’re supposed to be having an awesome battle is just annoying (and was why I actually gave up on the game a couple of months ago).  Still, I love this game.  I’ve a ways to go before I finish it, but I don’t mind at all.


America’s Best Dance Crew– Shows like this just fly over my head, and I usually don’t notice, nor care.   I would have never seen this if I wasn’t at a friend’s house, aimlessly channel flipping.  People in bright, gaudy clothes, distorting their bodies in time to crass pop songs always catch the eye, so we ended up watching this.  I was entranced.  I can’t dance, nor do I know anything about dance,  but the skill and passion these dancers have is mesmerizing.  And isn’t that what entertainment is all about?  Getting caught up in a different reality?

These guys are my favorites of season so far.  They’re not the best technically, but their routines never fail to make me laugh.  The fact that they are a bunch of dancing Asian dudes pretending to be robots also helps.   Which brings me to my last obsession…

The boys of DBSK just happened to be standing around shirtless.

Korean boy bands (mostly just DBSK)– Good god.  The Koreans are masters at creating boy bands.  They know EXACTLY what girls want, and they will give it to them in excess.



I honestly can’t think of much to say on this because I really can’t think about it rationally.  I KNOW this is assembly-line music at its most blatant and pandering.  But then I WATCH them, and I’m too busy drooling to give a flying shit.  (Incidentally,  I’m totally cool with the objectification of women as long as we’ve got men to objectify ourselves. )

Well that was a lot longer than I expected it to be…how was YOUR week?


Valentine’s Day 2010

I’ve got my ice cream.  I’ve got my super girly date sim/rhythm game.  Am I missing something here?

[BBC] Top Five Films

Doing another BBC post. Not an “official” one, but one Hollow (The Criminal Inside of Me) did a while back (Paul did it too (Let’s Hear It for the Boy)), because I can’t even think of five covers.   Where do you guys find the time to listen to that much music?!?

5. Perfect Blue
I didn’t really know what to expect from this. How could you make something as straight forward as an idol and her stalker a mindfuck?  I don’t know how, but Satoshi Kon can.   Jesus Christ.   The only reason I really know what happened at the end of the movie is because of the seiyuu interviews.  That aside,  I really can’t articulate why this film is so great.  The way the idol lifestyle is approached is particularly chilling,  not because it’s done outlandishly, but because it seems so realistic.  Animation isn’t put to full use here, but it works.  My heart was racing for the entire film.  I really need to check out more of Kon’s work.

(God that is such a lame tagline.)

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Movies are usually a disappointment for me.   Poor plotting, pointless details, abrupt endings, filler, unmemorable endings, I could go on.  But I wouldn’t change anything about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.   I can’t tell you exactly what it is that made me like this movie so much, because I was too busy actually being involved in the movie (also, I forgot).   It’s just a beautiful movie.    I need to check out everything that Kaufman has touched.

3.  Heavy Metal

A full length cartoon with evil green orbs, morally bankrupt heroes, pot smoking aliens, a sexy warrior chick, and cartoon titties…Heavy Metal is all about entertaining, and it delivers.

(I’m planning to write about this one later.)

My life will be complete only if I can go to at least on RHPS screening.

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
This is a musical about sexually deviant aliens seducing people in a hilarious send up of cheesy 50’s horror movies.  If you don’t like this movie, I am afraid we can’t be friends.

1. End of Evangelion
I liked the TV ending a lot, I really did.   I like the idea of humanity being stuck in a collective mind forever, but it’s a very quiet thing.  Not much to see there.  EoE,  on the other hand, just explodes.  There’s color and vibrancy and blood and guts and sex everywhere, and it’s wonderful.   It evokes the same emotional intensity that the TV series does, but in a very different way.  The  “Komm, susser Todd” sequence is amazing.   I won’t say something as stupid as “I’ll always vividly remember it,” but there’s something about it that just sticks with me.  EoE isn’t exactly the most coherent movie, but it hit me hard.  It’s one of the only pieces of art that appeals directly to me;  my emotions, my very being.  Which is a good reason for it to be my favorite movie, I guess…

Review: Princess

I’ve been too obsessed/stressed with Guts to do anything.  ANYTHING (except watch cartoons).

Anders Morgenthaler



I had found out about this movie during one of my epic procrastination sessions, and it seemed far more interesting than the history essay I was supposed to be doing at the time.  A violent cartoon about a missionary getting revenge for his dead porn star sister and her kid sounded wonderfully fucked up.  So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw this at my favorite store (in the anime section lololol).  The store’s imminent demise forced me to get it, and, well…

This is a very confused movie.  One part of it is this touching story about a sexually abused child and her new uncle trying to cope and have a normal life, and the other part is this campy, gory revenge story full of sex and fucking shit up.  These parts never reconcile.  I was emotionally engaged in the beginning of the movie, with the scenes with Mia and August and life before his sister became a porn star, but as the movie went on,  I just stopped caring.  The ending, while pretty interesting by itself, just made me feel “meh.”

This is probably because the movie itself doesn’t really know what it wants to convey.  Mia’s sexual abuse really is horrific, and the movie  appropriately shows that, but when she beats a guy to death with a crowbar, the violence is so over the top it’s almost funny.  Same with the porn star, Princess.  When you see her medical records and her shitty life, it’s sad, but when you see she’s buried under a ring of stone phalluses and an epitaph that reads “May you spread your legs for angels like you did for us,”  it’s hilarious.  The movie has things that are genuinely depressing, but then it stacks so many of them on top of each other that it’s neither touching nor funny.

So…the animation.  The movie was animated at a pretty low-budget and, uh, it shows.  The opening scene stood out as sort of horrible.  There are some good moments though, mostly in the fight scenes (the scene where the missionary mangles a little kid is hilarious) and the surreal, couldn’t-do-this-in-any-other-medium scenes.  The character designs for the non-main characters were actually interesting too, so scenes with them were fun to watch.  Never a scene where they just stand and talk though.  That’s a plus.

The best thing about this movie though, I think, are the live action parts.  You see them when August has flashbacks, watches old video tapes he recorded, and at the end.   They’re the most grounded parts of the movie, and I was disappointed when I realized there wasn’t going to be a lot of them.  A good amount of the movie tries to takes a live action approach to shots/ scenes (ex. constant close up on eyes, the opening scene),  I think I would have enjoyed this movie more if it was all in live action,  honestly.

Anyway, this is an alright movie.  I guess I liked it, and I’m sort of glad I bought it, even though the shock value didn’t really amount to anything.  Maybe I’ll like it upon a second viewing, I don’t know.  I give it a 6.5/10.

On a better note, I’m now 1/4 of the way through serious animated movies I’ve been meaning to watch.