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[BBC] Songs That Make Me Happy

I’m going to define happiness as a  fun, mindless feeling.  Because who can be happy if they’re thinking all of the time?

5. Lollipop (Candyman)- Aqua

This song is like your childhood threw up all over a bunch of ravers.  And that’s awesome.  I kind of don’t know what this song is about, candy or sex or something?  Nor do I really care.  I could honestly listen to Aqua all day.  (Really gay unknown fact:  I started liking this sort of music after seeing so many Ouran AMVs set it.)

4. Strange Disease- Prozzak

I love Prozzak.  What’s not to love about a bunch of really, really catchy songs about being broken up with (maybe I should rephrase that better)?  Granted, now that I’m not eight, it’s obvious that almost all of their songs sound the same and the animation for their videos really sucks, but again, I don’t care.  This song is bouncy and fun and I can put it on repeat and not get bored.  (Also, Simon is cute.)

3. La-Di Da-Di- Mindless Self Indulgence

I REALLY REALLY LIKE MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE OK, STOP LAUGHING.  They never fail at being entertaining,  dammit!   Anyway, this is a cover of a classic rap song, which immediately elevates it above standard MSI fare.  You can tell Jimmy had lot of fun with this one,  there’s so much energy in it it’s almost cartoony.  I’d kill to see this song animated.

2. Friday I’m In Love- The Cure

When The Cure makes  happy pop songs, they do it well.  It’s a song about Friday and being in love for god’s sake!  That makes everyone happy!  That aside,  this song never fails to make me feel mellow and complacent.   It’s not as catchy as Let’s Go To Bed or something like that, but I think that’s why I like it more.  It’s got just the right amount of happy and angst.  (Also, that video man.  I totally want to hang out with those guys.)

1. Twilight- Electric Light Orchestra

This isn’t exactly a happy song, but I always feel better after I listen to it.  I’m not going to lie, part of the reason is because of the Daicon IV animation, which had a profound effect on me, but just listen to it.  The synths and vocals just fucking elevate you.   Then pair it with the transience and sort of ethereal subject of the lyrics,  and you’ve got something that really hits home.  I wish I could listen to more music like this (still haven’t found the album this is from), but I honestly don’t know where to start.


Toriko, a manga after my inner child

Comedic gold.

I’ve only read a chapter of it (eagerly anticipating the next issue of Shonen Jump), but I just know this is something I’ll love.

It’s a pretty standard 80’s shonen-eseque action/comedy (which automatically makes it awesome) that follows  exaggerated escapades of a gourmet hunter named Toriko and his wimpy cook-sidecook Komatsu as they fight giant animals and eat them.  I wasn’t too sold on the idea either, but from the first splash page I was hooked.

What got me first was the art.  I love it.  The clean lines, exaggeration, and just plain fun of it remind me of Toriyama’s work.  It really does look like something of the 80’s,  the characters actually have noses and Toriko’s muscles look as intense as this (I really need to read more of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure…).  This guy really can draw.  The food looks delicious and I’m incredibly jealous of his mastery of detail.  No stretches of white space or cross-hatched nightmares, which brings me to another point:  the layouts.  That kind of sounds like something stupid to praise, but with a lot of action manga you have no idea what direction to read in or even what the hell is going on in some panels, so it’s nice to see one that actually UNDERSTANDS how to be a readable comic.

The great art and layouts have a purpose to them too– to make an entertaining comic.    It’s not exactly smart, nor does it have any underlying message or sexy girls in it, and it follows the shonen “IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS AND FRIENDSHIP” mentality to a T, but does that really matter?  Stuff like this will never get for old for me, the whole point is to have fun.    Toriko reminds me a lot of Dragon Ball, back when it was just jokes and fights, which is always a good thing.  I’ll definitely be buying this when it comes out.


First off, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a week.  I’ve been trying to amend my horrible, horrible start to the year (see: last two posts, I managed to only do about 7/12 of the winter assignment), so all I’ve been doing is sleeping, eating, and doing homework.  Then school (spending four hours on that stupid bio lab was definitely the lowlight of my week) and family managed to eat up my Saturday.  It seems that the more crap I have to do, the less interesting my life is.

Anyway, I went to Sinulog today, which is basically a crazy Filipino celebration that honors the Santo Niño (kid Jesus) for triumphing over paganism in Cebu.  The annihilation and Christianization of your native culture isn’t exactly something to be happy about, but hey, community!

The place was packed, I probably only knew about 20-30 people there, and all the lechon was gone by the time I was able to get food, but there’s something strangely comforting about being in a gym filled with brown people you kind of resemble.

I honestly did enjoy watching the traditional dances, especially the native ones.  Experiencing even just a small bit of Filipino culture without the overbearing Catholicism made me feel like less of a cultureless bastard child, and more like I was actually a part of something.  Though, that may just be because the Filipino culture is a bastardized mish mash itself.  I mean,

that’s a Spanish-influenced dance about Christians fighting heathens set to Chinese music.  What.

Even when you only focus on indigenous cultures though, there’s way too many of them, and due to the Philippine’s geography, they aren’t compatible at all.  But whatever.  It all equals to the same thing over here.

They performed this dance too, even though it has nothing to do with the Cebuans.  I felt bad for the guys performing it because all the little kids kept on going “Ewwww!” and laughing.

I’ll be back to posting my usual doodles and comics once I finally get some sleep.  Having ideas pile up is the worst…

My name is Dory, and I’m…

80 – 100 points: Your Internet usage is causing significant problems in your life. You should evaluate the impact of the Internet on your life and address the problems directly caused by your Internet usage.

(take the quiz yourself)

My score was an 83.  Awesome.  I’m supposed to be doing winter break homework right now.

[BBC] My Top Ten Favorite Novels

So me and Lolitoads (My Microwave Life) were bored, so we decided to do some themed blog posts for funsies, the first one being our top ten novels.  That of course, means, “Top ten novels that I said were my favorite on Facebook.”  Check out Morgan’s post (The Criminal Inside of Me) too!


This is the most fucked up book I’ve read so far.  It’s basically about a teenaged couple and the nasty, nasty sex they have.  Like, accidentally cutting people up, killing people, and egg fetishes nasty.  Pornographic literature is a great thing, though I can’t imagine anyone actually jerking off to this.  Regardless, there’s just something satisfying about reading something that’s completely visceral. Blood and guts are mentioned in the same breath as orgasms,  and the most memorable parts of the books involve sex near corpses.  It’s shocking for the sake of being shocking, and sometimes that’s all I really want to read.


The more you think about it, the more depressing this book gets.  The narrator, a victim of sexual abuse as a child, lives his life detached emotionally and socially, hence the title.   He becomes a sociopath, attempts suicide a couple of times, and dies alone.  What  pulled me in was the ambiguity of the protagonist’s situation — Was he really a bad person?  Did he deserve the life he had?   Who is to blame?   Why I like this book so much, though, is because of how much I related to the protagonist’s  insecurity and self-loathing when I first read it.

(Yes, I read this because of Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei, shut up.)


Exactly as it says above.  I honestly can’t remember what happened in this book because I read it all on a car trip, but I do know that I love this book because of how good the characterization is.  You’ve got the cat’s master, an not-so-well-off English teacher, and his two friends, a devil-may-care bachelor and a absent minded intellectual.   And you read about their lives.    I know it doesn’t sound like much,  but Soseki’s observations on everyday life are so witty and well written that it’s a captivating read.


Yes, more angsty books.  This one is split into two halves.  The first is basically a philosophical exposition that I really can’t remember (seeing a pattern here?) because I read it all at once, but I think it all boils down to people making no goddamn sense.   And sucking.  The second half is about the Underground Man’s life before he became the Underground Man.   Basically, he was poor introvert with no friends, a social failure.   Given the chance though, he acts just like the people (and society) he hates so much, which makes him truly pathetic and my second favorite existential character.


You know how sometimes a story gets passed around so much that after a while it’s accepted as  truth,  but upon closer inspection it doesn’t really make sense at all?  That’s this book.  The protagonist returns to his small, backwater Colombian town to investigate a murder that happened twenty-two years earlier,  a murder that almost everyone in the town knew was going to happen.  Testimonies overlap and contradict– nobody is even sure of how the weather was like that day.  I love how gossipy the book is, you get into everyone’s business,  and you really feel like you know the town.  The story isn’t told in a linear way, but it feels right.  I really like this book.


More existentialism.  I think you get it by now.


This is a really fun book. Romance, political scandals, fabulously wealthy people, badass wise men, and elaborate revenge plots, it’s got it all.  The evolution of Edmond Dantes’ character from a naive sailor to an scheming, revenge-obsessed count is great.  Is it just me or are there no adventure stories like this anymore?


MORE EXISTENTIALISM.  Apparently, I love this stuff, but I’m getting sick about writing about it.  Besides, everyone’s read this in school right?   Gregor Samsa is my favorite literary character though.  He’s the perfect mix of naivete, sick fuckery (the whole deal with his sister), and pathos.


No really, I don’t.  I remember wanting to punch Murakami in the face because he focused too much on talking about classical music and French movies instead of the goddamn plot, but I can’t remember the second half of the book at all.  I cried when I finished it though.  Does that count for anything?


This is my favorite book.  It’s a beautiful book.  Lolitoads explains it much better than I do.

So, about that Avatar movie…

Everything about how amazingly rendered/racist the movie is has already been said, so I’m not going to bother.  Though,  Na’vi were animated wonderfully.  I hated their designs (lol blue monkeys), but their textures and movements were really lifelike.  Their facial movements were especially wonderful, there wasn’t a freaky soulless vibe to it.  I’m not a big fan of 3D animation, but after seeing this movie,  I’m beginning to think that it’s really not so bad, after all.

My favorite part of the movie though, was this:

What are you waiting for, Hollywood? !  More movies with this!

2010! Yes!


It’s Year of the Tiger, so I thought I’d draw my favorite spineless loser in, well, tiger ears and a tacky sweater vest.

As for New Year’s itself,  it’s been uneventful.  I turned on all the lights at midnight and shook coins in every room (some weird Filipino tradition, had to do it myself because mom was at work).   Then I read webcomics and drew untill 6 in the morning.

Hell yeah I am

I only resolve to do three things:

1. Draw more

2.  Calm down

3. Be more productive

If I can (somehow) manage that, then maybe, just maybe, I can survive my first year in DP.